Grade 1 Module 1
Museum of Leafology

Curriculum framework:
Plant Shapes

Students will learn:

How are all plants alike and how are they different?


Module Overview


In this module, students become scientists and curators, creating a 'Museum of Leafology'.


Full of different “rooms,” the Museum exhibits fascinating facts that students can learn about plants. Students explore plants through hands-on activities like outdoor nature explorations and growing their own seedlings. They investigate different parts of plants, and design and build an invention inspired by plants to solve school problems. At the module’s close, students invite their friends and family to visit the Museum.


Finally, the class prepares a celebratory (and delicious!) salad made of different parts of a plant.

Video: Museum of Leafology Module Introduction Trailer

Teacher Instructional Material

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Overview and teacher lesson guide

Background and subject knowledge

Assessment Overview

Digital resources for students and classroom

They're growing all around us…


As students investigate the amazing kingdom of plants and decide what to put in the Museum, they will explore plants from all over the world: big plants, tiny plants, clever plants, even dangerous plants. They will also grow their own plants to turn into tasty treats

Video: Plant Parts Song

Digital interactives

Observational, curriculum and contextual video content

Video: Plants Are Amazing!

Video: What Do Plants Need?

Video: Seed Dispersal

Video: Time-Lapse of a Plant

Video: Extremely Clever Plants

Video: Extremely Dangerous Plants

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Student Twig Book
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Levelled Readers

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