Grade 2 Module 2
Mater of Materials

Curriculum framework:

Landscape Materials

Students will learn:

How can we describe materials as different from one another and understand how their properties relate to their use?


Module Overview

Students work through a series of levels and unlock badges to become “Masters of Materials.”


They progress from Junior Researchers, learning to describe, compare, and sort materials, to Professors of Properties, who use what they’ve learned to design and build bridges. They also become engineers by building and testing towers, and discover how the properties of materials can change by making their own crayons.


Only when all five levels are complete will students be able to call themselves Masters.

Video: Master of Materials Module Trailer

Teacher Instructional Material

Ensuring teachers have the tools at hand to make sure every student can experience the wonders of science in the classroom.

  • Teacher Editions lesson guides that are accessible, comprehensive, and versatile.

  • Professional Learning background and subject knowledge guides that unpack science content into quick and easy sections of information for teachers.

  • Assessment Overview that provides flexible informal, diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to monitor student growth and progress.


Overview and teacher lesson guide

Background and subject knowledge

Assessment Overview

Digital resources for students and classroom

Ready to play?

In their quest to become Master of Materials, students will discover where different materials come from, how they can be changed into new materials and sometimes changed back!

Reversible and Irreversible Video Investigation

Observational, curriculum and contextual video content

Video: Junior Researcher

Video: Properties of Materials

Video: Where does wool come from?

Video: Choosing Suitable Materials

Video: Building Bridges

Video: Building Halley VI

Video: Congratulations

Video: Professor of Properties

Printed and digital resources for students

Student Twig Book
Students can communicate what they have learnt within their Twig Book


Levelled Readers

Readers that help support literacy skills through STEM learning


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