Grade 4 Module 4
Earthquake Engineering

Curriculum framework:
Earthquake Engineering

Students will learn:

How can engineering help make earthquakes less dangerous?


Module Overview

Earthquakes can strike without warning, bringing massive destruction, but knowing where they happen can help reduce the damage caused.


Students will use an interactive to explore the Earth and investigate where earthquakes happen, collecting and analyzing data to identify patterns. They will find out what makes a strong and stable structure, and use this knowledge to design and build their own earthquake-proof buildings.


Using an earthquake shake table, they will then test their structures and, like real civil engineers, refine their designs before the final build.

Video: Earthquake Engineering Module Trailer

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Overview and teacher lesson guide

Background and subject knowledge

Assessment Overview

Digital resources for students and classroom

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Observational, curriculum and contextual video content

Video: Why Earthquakes Happen

Video: Building Loads

Video: Earthquakes Around the World

Video: LAX Engineer

Video: Edison

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Student Twig Book
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