Grade 5 Module 2
Yellowstone: Uncovered

Curriculum framework:
From Matter to Organisms

Students will learn:

How do matter and energy move through an ecosystem?


Module Overview

Yellowstone is one of the United States’ largest and wildest national parks.


In this module, students will become park rangers, investigating how matter and energy move through systems, observing predators hunting prey, discovering the organisms that recycle the dead, and learning how plants create their own food.


Through their study of Yellowstone, students will discover the impact of environmental changes.

Video: Yellowstone: Uncovered Module Trailer

Teacher Instructional Material

Ensuring teachers have the tools at hand to make sure every student can experience the wonders of science in the classroom.

  • Teacher Editions lesson guides that are accessible, comprehensive, and versatile.

  • Professional Learning background and subject knowledge guides that unpack science content into quick and easy sections of information for teachers.

  • Assessment Overview that provides flexible informal, diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments to monitor student growth and progress.


Overview and teacher lesson guide

Background and subject knowledge

Assessment Overview

Digital resources for students and classroom

Observing a unique ecosystem

Students observe predators hunting prey, discover the organisms that recycle the dead, and learn how plants create their own food. As they explore the relationships between the plants and animals that live in Yellowstone, they discover how even small changes to an environment can have big impacts.

Digital interactive

Students model what happens to a food web when part of it is changed, including the introduction of an invasive species.

Observational, curriculum and contextual video content

Students can travel the world by video and meet some of the amazing plants and animals that share our planet.

Video: A Year in Yellowstone

Video: Carnivores

Video: Butterfly's Breakfast

Video: How Plants Make Food

Video: Decomposers—Breaking it down

Video: Wolves in Yellowstone

Printed and digital resources for students

Student Twig Book
Students can communicate what they have learnt within their Twig Book


Levelled Readers

Readers that help support literacy skills through STEM learning


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