Evaluation Rubrics

Twig Science scores highly on NGSS-based rubrics such as NextGen TIME Paper screen evaluation. See below for materials that show exactly how we meet these criteria:


Student Work

Student Progress

Teacher Support


Teacher Support Evidence Chart

NGSS will transform the way science is taught in our schools. Twig Science supports teachers every step of the way. A comprehensive and easy-to-use Professional Learning system provides background knowledge of the phenomena/problems, three dimensions, and instructional shifts of the NGSS at the point of use, just when teachers need it. Videos model how students apply the three dimensions to make sense of phenomena/problems. The rubric here explains where you can find evidence of teacher support across all modules. The short video provides a visual tour. Module-specific rubrics are below.

4. teacher support.jpg

A Module Overview , available online and in print (TE p. i), sets out at a high level how students will make sense of the Module Phenomenon or Module Investigative Problem.

Module Overview (TE p. i)

● A digital Guide to SEPs and CCCs provides a clear explanation for each practice and concept, with guidance on what these skills should look like in different grades, and specific references to learning activities in different modules.

● Additional module-specific support is frequently given at point of use in the instructional materials for all dimensions, NoS, and ETS—often in the Connect section of a lesson. For example, in Grade 4 Module 4 DQ1L3 Connect (TE p. 26), support is given on connecting the learning activity to CCC-2 and ETS.

Grade 4 Module 4 DQ1L3 Connect TE p. 26

F1. Presence of Phenomena/Problems

F2. Presence of Three Dimensions


All modules include a Module Introduction video, which gives the teacher an engaging overview of the overarching Module Phenomenon/Investigative Problem that students will explore and investigate, as well as the sequence of learning, and an explanation of how the Performance Expectations (PEs) are addressed and build on each other (Grade 1 Module 1 Module Introduction video and Kindergarten Module 2 Module Introduction video).

Grade 1 Module 1 Museum of Leafology Module Introduction video
Kindergarten Module 2 Marble Run Engineers Module Introduction video

F3. Presence of Logical Sequence