Program Overview

Framework Alignment

Assessment Approach

Professional Learning

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Access for All

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Digital Pathway

Twig Science Louisiana

An intuitive, collaborative online platform where students and teachers have 24-7 access to the entire Twig Science digital pathway, with a complete range of rich media, investigations, and digital tools.

Twig Science Reporter

The wonder of science brought to life by topical news focused on the latest in science, technology, and engineering-real-world stories that bring investigative science practices into the classroom

Twig Science Tools

A ready made resources toolkit containing short videos, visuals, activities and some suggested lessons, all aligned to the NGSS to help enrich and extend teaching for students of all abilities.

Rich Media

Transforms science topics with engaging, award-winning videos, challenging interactives, songs, science glossary and games.

Print Materials

Student Twig Books

Print and Digital

Colorful, all-in-one experiential text and investigation notebook to model, annotate, promote discourse, and capture 3-dimensional student thinking.

Leveled Readers

Print and Digital​

High-interest, magazine-style and phenomena-based leveled readers for Above-, On-, Below-level, and English Learner students.

Recommended Trade Books

Use our recommendations, or replace with your own trade books, to provide expert writing models, prior knowledge, and content vocabulary.

Teacher Editions

Print and Digital​

Modular Teacher Editions are accessible, comprehensive and versatile.

And Many More...

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Fast Track Integration

Assessment Suite

Hands-On Lab Kits

Beautifully designed, instructionally sequenced resources including activities, diagrams and images.

Find time for science with practical accelerated pacing and cross-curricular integration plans.

Hands-On Lab Kit

Backmapped from Performance Expectations, flexible options to monitor student progress consisting of:

  • Pre-Exploration

  • Performance Tasks

  • DOK Multiple Choice

  • Formative Assessments, and SCALE Benchmark Assessments.

Twig Science Module Lab Kits are clearly labeled, simply organized, and available for each module, ensuring you have all you need to roll out amazing hands-on investigations.

Module Lab Kits - each kit includes various consumable and non-consumable items that are needed to complete the module activities.


Replenishment kits are available for consumable items from the Module Lab Kits.

Grade Science Essentials Kits

(Grades 3-6) these kits contain non-consumable equipment used across more than one module within the grade.