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Program Overview

Framework Alignment

Assessment Approach

Professional Learning

Structure Video


Access for All

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Dedicated Professional Learning

Teachers and administrators increasingly face challenges in terms of time, tools, and background knowledge. Twig Science provides a range of options to ensure support is there 24-7, whether via a refresher on key science concepts or a demonstration of three-dimensional instruction in action.

In-Person and Webinar Training


Twig Science's specialist team provides support in-person and online for technical, implementation and science topic training.

Teacher and Administrator Observations


Built into every Twig Science Next Gen Teacher Edition, Look Fors support educators to understand what NGSS success looks like in the classroom.

Science Content Background Information


Unpacks science content into quick and easy nuggets of information, with clear definitions, simple diagrams, and stunning visuals.

Pacing Suggestions


Included throughout lesson with additional fast track and integration suggestions.

Modeled Lessons


Short teacher videos demonstrate how to teach lessons and labs.

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